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This PhD scholarship is part of an exciting cross-disciplinary project, involving scientists from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Tajikistan, that will answer questions such as when humans arrived in Central Asia and what environmental and climatic conditions were at the time. The PhD scholarship will likely involve extended stays at one or more of the partner institutions. The successful candidate will be primarily responsible for developing a chronology for the last ~250,000 years at two key sites using luminescence signals from both quartz and feldspar and the latest techniques and instrumentation. The PhD student will work under the supervision of Dr Jan-Pieter Buylaert, the project leader, and collaborate closely with PhD students and staff working at other Nordic/Russian/Tajik institutions on chronology, organic and inorganic proxies of past climate and environment and archaeology. We are looking for a highly motivated candidate who has a broad interest in the application of experimental physics to earth sciences and archaeology. The successful candidate is expected to have a two-year master’s or equivalent degree in experimental physics or physical chemistry although candidates with a geoscience or archaeology background will also be considered. Prior experience in luminescence dating and its applications is not necessary but would be an advantage.

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