Offre de thèse : Museum objects: vibration exposure in transit (Southampton)


Logo University of SouthamptonWe are looking for an enthusiastic PhD student to research the impact of vibration on museum objects. This is an interdisciplinary and prestigious Collaborative Doctoral Partnership between The British Museum and the University of Southampton, and will involve periods of study at both institutions under their joint supervision.
Artefacts are frequently moved within and between museums and are consequently exposed to vibration and shock during transit. This project aims to quantify the effects of vibration and shock on 3D museum objects, provide a scientifically informed framework by which objects are judged fit to travel, and investigate the applicability of advanced technologies for vibration and shock isolatio.
Museum objects take varied geometrical forms, comprise a plethora of materials and feature many fabrication processes. In most cases, damage already exists in the form of delamination or cracks that can grow when stimulated by vibration and shock. The project will begin by surveying and categorising typical artefacts based on their likely vibration response. An experimentally based mathematical model will then be developed to predict the vibration response of 3D objects to stimuli such as those experienced during manual handling or road and air transport.
Vibration tests will be performed on sacrificial objects or material samples to induce failure. State-of-the-art imaging technologies such as high resolution X-Ray tomography, will be used to monitor damage growth. Knowledge of typical stimuli in transit, the resulting response of artefacts, and their potential for damage, will be combined to develop an empirical tool for collections care professionals.

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