Offre de thèse : Dietary isotope within project The Yamnaya Impact on Prehistoric Europe (Bristol)

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The Yamnaya Impact is an international, interdisciplinary effort to understand the massive changes taking place in Europe some 5000 years ago - its reverberations are still visible today in terms of genetic ancestry, social organisation, and European languages. The project focuses on the Yamnaya and, specifically, the western end of its huge distribution area in the steppe landscapes of current-day countries of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. The objectives of the overall project include the funerary archaeology of the Yamnaya kurgans; patterns of exchange and interaction; physical appearance and population dynamics; mobility, diet, occupation and lifestyle; interplay with the environment; and the wider Yamnaya Impact. To investigate, the dietary δ13C and δ15N isotope values shall be measured from prehistoric burials in the Department of Anthropology & Archaeology and School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, focussing on human samples from 100 – 150 graves/burials from Yamnaya kurgans. We will apply established bulk measurement methodologies alongside higher-resolution techniques, such as sequential sampling and compound-specific stable isotope analyses, for selected individuals, so to obtain a more refined isotopic picture. δ18O isotope values can additionally be measured during a research stay at the University of Helsinki/Finland. These same individuals will also be thoroughly investigated in parallel for information regarding their genetics, bio-anthropology and for radiocarbon dating within the YMPACT project.

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