4th ICAZ taphonomy working group meeting “General to Specific Quaternary Taphonomy”

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The ICAZ Taphonomy Working Group (TWG) now invites abstracts and communications for the IVth meeting “General to Specific Quaternary Taphonomy” to be held September 7th–9th, 2016, at the Museum national of Natural History, Paris, France. The meeting is organized by Jean-Philip Brugal from Aix-Marseille University - CNRS and Christiane Denys from the MNHN, Paris with the support of the GDR 3591-CNRS-INEE “Taphonomie, Environnement & Archéologie” (TaphEnA) (http://lampea.cnrs.fr/spip.php?article3149). The aim of the meeting is to bring researchers interested in taphonomy, especially involved in the study of quaternary faunal remains, and to encourage both formal and informal interactions.

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