Offre de thèse : The development of ab-initio and force-field models to analyse the fading of historical artists’ paint (Nottingham)

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Light is necessary for the display and analysis of heritage assets, however, the interactions between heritage materials and light can affect the way that heritage materials degrade. Though general preservation strategies are known, a detailed understanding at the atomic level of why these strategies are effective and how they might be improved is lacking. In this research project, theoretical and computational investigations will be performed which will develop models of the fading. These processes occur on large spatio-temporal scales which necessitate molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to describe the dynamical processes in these systems. A combined approach will be used with existing experimental teams specialising in spectroscopic, vibrational and optical techniques who are currently performing cutting-edge experimental investigations. It is anticipated that the computational models will be used to support existing analysis protocols of these data, and the successful candidate will be able to contribute to and work with vibrant and expanding experimental teams.

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